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About us

Deer farmers association in Lithuania was founded in 1998 with aim to join efforts of a small group of enthusiasts who wanted to promote then a new activity – deer farming. In the same year we were invited to join European deer farmer association FEDFA and became its members.

Interest in deer farming was groing, and year 2004 (together with our partners in the General Directorate of State Forests and the University of Vilnius) we initiated first Lithuanian deer farmers congress, which was attended by more than 60 deer farmers or persons interested in this area.

At present the association comprises 29 members who are actively involved in our training activities, seminars, tours to Lithuanian and other countries deer farms.

In year 2010 there were around 150 deer farms with about 4000 deers held in it. The most popular deer types held in Lithuanian deer farms are red and fallow deer, but there are also some farms that have roe deer, Pere David deer, sika deer, caribou and European bisons.

Members of our association can become not only deer farmers but everyone interested in breeding wild animals in fenced areas.